New Years Resolutions

Is a New Years Resolution to be more involved in the community, give back more, or follow your passions? Dare to Care is looking for volunteers to help teach our Cooking Matters program as a nutrition or culinary instructor. NO formal training needed, just a passion for health and/or cooking, and a desire to teach others what you know! We provide thorough training for anyone interested. Contact Angie Breuer today at to learn more about how you can help to end hunger in Kentuckiana!

Already happily active with our Cooking Matters program? Share your experience with family and friends that you think might also enjoy the experience!


Volunteer Spotlight: Valerie Holland


Valerie Holland pictured with milestone gifts of a customized apron and most recently, her 15-class Cooking Matters customized plate.


This volunteer spotlight is extra special as we congratulate Valerie Holland for being Dare to Care’s FIRST EVER Cooking Matters volunteer to reach the 15 class milestone!

Valerie is an Extension Agent for the Family and Consumer Sciences Education Department of University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Services – Jefferson County. She has worked for 25 years with audiences of limited resources and has presented extension programs on food, nutrition, food safety, money management, home management and clothing.

Valerie has worked with our Cooking Matters program as a nutrition volunteer since January of 2014 and always brings a warm, relatable personality that our participants want to listen to and learn from! In her 4 years with us, she has already exceeded 15 classes. She will be listed on the Cooking Matters Hall of Fame with only 146 other volunteers in the nation!!

Thank you so much, Valerie, for your years of service and dedication in helping end the cycle of hunger! Dare to Care’s Cooking Matters wouldn’t be what it is today without your hard work and commitment to our program.

Why Volunteer?

I recently came across a letter written to a Cooking Matters volunteer team during a class session back in 2012. It really hit home with me and I thought it was too precious not to share with you all as a refresher into why we do the work we do.


“I am writing this with the novelty pen which I received as one of many awards for simply attending your ‘cooking matters’ class. The rewards for time spent in that class have been equally numerous, though intangible.

The micro-wave has taken its proper place as a convenience- not means of survival.

I have lost the phobia of foods which require prep and cook timing but are naturally nutritious.

I am now, happily, at one with my oven and regard it as a friend and not as a factor in multiple explosions, erosive oozing, or deadly fires.

It has actually become a helpmate when it comes to

…preparing a meal for someone other than myself,

…making friends because I can prepare a meal for others than myself!

Though I was taught in early school years the value of good nutrition and the importance of a balanced diet, I had forgotten the equation. It was a brand-new learning experience.

How to achieve this was indeed, a much needed lesson learned.

What can you say about our instructors? A lot, In a very condensed form- Great!

It must be difficult to find a trio of people who are relaxed, friendly, in tune with timing subject matter and attentive to their students simultaneously.

Thanks for giving your time to make our time well spent.


P. “


Hopefully this little note of gratitude gave you as much inspiration as it did for me. This is why we do it. Changing lives and helping others. You are all appreciated so much by both Dare to Care and the participants you work with in our Cooking Matters classes. Thanks for all you do!